Perfect Sunday Breakfast

So basic. So easy. So quick to make. Step up your breakfast game with this combo: avocado toast + bacon & eggs. Keep it healthy by switching the white bread for whole wheat crispbread and the regular bacon for turkey bacon. Add some red pepper flakes and black sesame seeds for an extra kick, and … Continue reading Perfect Sunday Breakfast


Healthy Baked Pears

I don’t know why, but I hate pears. I’d rather have some broccoli (or any other vegetable that kids usually hate) than eat a pear. But recently I discovered baked pears taste completely different for some reason. Ingredients: × one pear × 1-2 tsp coconut oil × ¼ cup hazelnuts × a dash of cinnamon … Continue reading Healthy Baked Pears

Simple Energy Balls

These energy balls are my favorite snack when that afternoon fatigue kicks in. The ingredients are all natural and you can make this recipe in less than 15 minutes. The perfect energy boost! *I also used some rum extract in these 👆 ______________________________________________________________ Ingredients: × pitted dates × unsweetened cocoa powder × finely chopped almonds/ walnuts … Continue reading Simple Energy Balls

Brie Cheese & Champignon Mushrooms Pasta

I have to tell you, when I started to make the sauce for this recipe I was convinced that it was going to be a mess. But it turned out to be insanely delicious. Like refill-my-plate-3-times delicious. Don’t judge me, you’ll do the same after you try it! Here is the recipe: Ingredients: × 1 … Continue reading Brie Cheese & Champignon Mushrooms Pasta

Healthy Crêpes

We know about pancakes that they are a classic breakfast food. But what about crêpes? They are served more as a dessert, but I think they also make a perfect breakfast, especially if you pair them with some jam and coffee. However, the ones that are usually served in crêperies contain a lot of sugar … Continue reading Healthy Crêpes