Lettuce Wraps

This is my go-to lunch when I need to get rid of my leftover veggies, at the end of the week. It takes literally 10 minutes to put together, and you could even make it the night before. The vegetables vary from week to week, but in this case, I had half a can of chickpeas … Continue reading Lettuce Wraps


Chicken Quinoa Soup

Chicken noodle soup was a staple in my house when I was a kid. It was my favorite, and I would eat it even during summer when the heat was unbearable. This chicken quinoa soup has pretty much the same taste like my mom's noodle soup, but it's a little bit healthier and higher in … Continue reading Chicken Quinoa Soup

Hearty Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls seem to be all over Instagram lately, so I decided to give this trend a try. To be honest with you, I was skeptical at first because in my opinion rice and potatoes just don’t go together. And the carbs tho. But man…little did I know… × basmati rice (cook with 2-3 crushed … Continue reading Hearty Buddha Bowl

Healthy Comfort Food: Creamy Soups

Fresh salads and smoothies are perfect to lose weight and stay healthy, and it’s really easy to do it during summer. But let’s face it. Once the weather gets colder, we crave comfort foods, and suddenly we don’t care about our looks or health anymore. Who cares about that muffin top? It’s sweater weather anyway. … Continue reading Healthy Comfort Food: Creamy Soups