Green Smoothie Bowl

Green smoothies are like a delicious lawn in a cup. To be honest with you, I hate green smoothies or green juices because I can taste the spinach almost everytime. And my relationship with spinach is kinda complicated. I love it in my salads, but I absolutely hate it when it comes in liquid form. … Continue reading Green Smoothie Bowl


Paleo Granola

Granola is the breakfast food I never fail to come back to. I could have it every morning and still wouldn't get bored. However, the store bought kind contains lots of sugar and additives. Don't get me wrong, I love it as much as you do, but because I care about my health, I prefer … Continue reading Paleo Granola

Perfect Sunday Breakfast

So basic. So easy. So quick to make. Step up your breakfast game with this combo: avocado toast + bacon & eggs. Keep it healthy by switching the white bread for whole wheat crispbread and the regular bacon for turkey bacon. Add some red pepper flakes and black sesame seeds for an extra kick, and … Continue reading Perfect Sunday Breakfast

Blueberry Quinoa Porridge

I’m not a big fan of quinoa, but I know how healthy it is so I try to eat it from time to time. This blueberry quinoa porridge is my favorite recipe. • ½ cup quinoa • 1 cup almond/rice/coconut milk • 1 tsp honey • ½ tsp vanilla extract • a dash of cinnamon … Continue reading Blueberry Quinoa Porridge

Healthy Christmas Snacks

Even though the holiday season is here, and stores are trying to tempt you with calorie bombs, this shouldn’t stop you from staying healthy and focused on your goals. Now, before you go ahead and throw rotten tomatoes at me, let me tell you I don’t believe in self-deprivation, so these recipes are healthy, but … Continue reading Healthy Christmas Snacks