Green Smoothie Bowl

Green smoothies are like a delicious lawn in a cup. To be honest with you, I hate green smoothies or green juices because I can taste the spinach almost everytime. And my relationship with spinach is kinda complicated. I love it in my salads, but I absolutely hate it when it comes in liquid form. … Continue reading Green Smoothie Bowl


Chicken Quinoa Soup

Chicken noodle soup was a staple in my house when I was a kid. It was my favorite, and I would eat it even during summer when the heat was unbearable. This chicken quinoa soup has pretty much the same taste like my mom's noodle soup, but it's a little bit healthier and higher in … Continue reading Chicken Quinoa Soup

Hearty Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls seem to be all over Instagram lately, so I decided to give this trend a try. To be honest with you, I was skeptical at first because in my opinion rice and potatoes just don’t go together. And the carbs tho. But man…little did I know… × basmati rice (cook with 2-3 crushed … Continue reading Hearty Buddha Bowl

Blueberry Quinoa Porridge

I’m not a big fan of quinoa, but I know how healthy it is so I try to eat it from time to time. This blueberry quinoa porridge is my favorite recipe. • ½ cup quinoa • 1 cup almond/rice/coconut milk • 1 tsp honey • ½ tsp vanilla extract • a dash of cinnamon … Continue reading Blueberry Quinoa Porridge

Healthy Baked Pears

I don’t know why, but I hate pears. I’d rather have some broccoli (or any other vegetable that kids usually hate) than eat a pear. But recently I discovered baked pears taste completely different for some reason. Ingredients: × one pear × 1-2 tsp coconut oil × ¼ cup hazelnuts × a dash of cinnamon … Continue reading Healthy Baked Pears