I’m not American, so my family is not celebrating Thanksgiving Day. However, I’m a foodie, so that means I take advantage of any situation to eat something. And what other holiday is a better excuse than Thanksgiving Day? Maybe just Christmas. But for now, I’ll pretend I’m American and properly celebrate the 4th Thursday of November.

This Thanksgiving dinner plate is under 600 kcal, so I think I did a pretty good job at keeping it on the healthier side. Keep in mind that the average person may consume more than 4,500 kcal at a Thanksgiving gathering (including the pie, of course).

The best part is that I made the food myself, so I know exactly what and how much has gone into it. The recipes are simple and basic, and all this took me a little bit over an hour. So if you’re trying to watch what you eat even around holidays, I encourage you to give this a try. 🙂


Mashed Sweet Potatoes
I chose to replace the classic mashed potatoes with sweet potatoes because they are healthier and because this way I combine two recipes in one: mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes casserole (without marshmallows, obviously)
× 200 g sweet potatoes
× 1 tsp coconut oil
× 1 tsp cumin seeds (I don’t know why but I really like the taste of sweet potatoes combined with cumin seeds, NOT ground; this is optional so you can skip it)
× rosemary, thyme
× salt, pepper

Cranberry Sauce
It’s pretty difficult to find fresh cranberries in Norway, so I used dried cranberries.
× 3 tbsp dried cranberries soaked in water
× 1 tangerine/clementine (juice and zest)
× 1 tbsp white table wine (optional)

I actually chose to use chicken breast because it’s easier to work with (it’s smaller) and also because I already had it in my freezer.
× 250 g chicken breast
× 1 tbsp olive oil/ coconut oil
× thyme
× salt, pepper

Green Beans
× 1 cup green beans
× 2-3 large champignon mushrooms
× 1 tbsp roasted peanuts/almonds
× ½ onion
× 1 tbsp olive oil/coconut oil

× 1 slice whole wheat bread (dry)
× ½ red onion
× ¼ green bell pepper (I’d normally use celery, but I forgot to buy it so yeah)
× 1 egg
× a  splash of almond milk
× 1 tbsp coconut oil


Cook the potatoes in boiling water until they are soft. Drain the water and add the coconut oil and the spices. Use a potato masher to blend everything together. Garnish with fresh rosemary.

Soak the cranberries in hot water for about 15 minutes. Drain them, but save the water (we’ll use that to make the sauce). Now, dried cranberries are already sweet, but if you use fresh cranberries, I would suggest you add some stevia or erythritol. Add the juice and the zest from one clementine to your cranberries and 1-2 tbsp of that water. Bring to a boil and then reduce the heat to medium-low. Let it simmer for 2-3 minutes, add the wine and then cook until it looks like a jam.

Brush your chicken/turkey breast with olive oil and season to taste. Cook in the oven until golden-brown. Be careful to not overcook it, or you’ll end up with a dry chicken breast.

Heat some olive oil in a pan. Cut your onion into thin slices and add it to the pan. Cook until caramelized. Add the sliced mushrooms and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the green beans and cook for a few more minutes. I like my green beans to be crunchy, so this doesn’t take a long time.

For stuffing begin by cutting your dry bread into small cubes. Chop the onion and celery (well, bell pepper in my case) and cook in a pan using some coconut oil. In a bowl combine the bread, onion, celery/bell pepper and season with salt pepper, and maybe some garlic powder. Make an egg wash by beating and egg with a splash of unsweetened almond milk. Add it to your bread mixture and bake in an oven safe dish at 200°C/ 400° F. It should be crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

This recipe is for 2 servings, so you can share it with someone special or save it for yourself (that’s what I did).

Happy Thanksgiving Day! 🦃🦃

MACROS (per serving):

Kcal: 578
Carbs: 39
Fat: 25
Protein: 38



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